Florida Moving Packing Tips

Moving can be difficult

1. Move Me Joe Moving and Storage can provide material for all your household packing needs. High quality moving boxes reduce the chance of damage during a move.

2. Old newspaper can be used for packing; however the ink can stain items being packed.

3. Pack room by room. Label each box with it’s location in the new home and a box number. Make a list of each box number with an inventory of its contents. Make a note of any boxes containing high value items on your list for easy location at delivery.

4. Make sure all boxes used can support the weight of its contents.

5. A good rule of thumb when packing is “heavier on the bottom lighter on top.”

6. The average box in a shipment should weigh about 50 pounds.

7. There is a never ending list of items to pack in a home. Here are some additional tips. If these tips don’t answer your questions feel free to contact us.

8. Any fragile items should be removed from dresser drawers. Clothing can remain in the drawers.

9. Perishable foods should be used up or given away before the move if moving more than 50 miles away.

10. Canned goods should be packed in small boxes 30-40 cans per box.

11. Curtains and drapes can be draped over bar in wardrobe cartons. Blinds can be rolled and placed in wardrobe carton.

12. Flammable material and aerosols are strictly prohibited. You as the shipper are responsible for any damage caused by packing these materials.

13. Lamps should have there shades and bulbs removed and placed in cartons. The base of the lamps can be wrapped in old blankets or plenty of packing paper and placed in a carton.

14. Electronics and computers should be packed in their original boxes if possible. If original boxes are unavailable, then strong extra thick cartons should be used. Components should be heavily padded in cartons.

15. Small artwork and mirrors should be placed on edge in cartons. Larger mirrors and artwork will be placed in special cartons by the movers.

16. Power tools should be empty of fuel and placed in cartons.

17. Cars should be drained nearly empty of fuel before transport.

Florida moving packing tips for the kitchen

  • Tape the bottom of box with three strips of tape.
  • Crumble packing paper and line bottom of box.
  • You should have a nice flat work surface with a neat stack of packing paper.
  • Center a plate in the middle of packing paper. Grab several sheets of paper from the corner and bring to the center. Do the same with each corner.
  • Repeat this procedure with two more plates.
  • Turn plates over, grab several more sheets and fold corners into the center.
  • Secure bundle with tape and place on edge in the box.

Stemware and glasses

  • Fill glasses with crumpled packing paper
  • Set on corner of paper and roll two rotations pull sides of paper over glass and continue rolling to the corner.
  • Place glasses in an upright position towards the top of the box.
  • Mark box as fragile.

Packing cups

  • Place flattened packing paper on a flat surface. Place a cup a few inches from the corner of the packing paper and pull the closest corner over the cup. Nestle a second cup on top. Pull remaining corners over cups.
  • Extremely fragile items should be packed individually in packing paper.
  • Remember movement inside boxes can cause breakage; use plenty of packing paper for a tight fit.